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What racket size should I buy for my child?

What racket size should I buy for my child?

A guide to racket sizes are as follows:

3-4 years: 17 inch racket

5-6 years: 19 inch racket

7-8 years: 21 inch racket

9-10 years: 23 or 25 inch racket

11-12 years: 26 or full size racket

13 years up: full size racket

Advanced players may want to play with a size up. Please be aware, Tennis is easier to learn with a smaller racket, rather than a larger racket for a player’s age.

Racket size is based on ability, and not just the height of a player. So if your child is tall for their age, it does not necessarily mean that they should use a larger racket. Also a racket size suits the size of court. A larger racket is naturally more powerful, so players will find it harder to keep the ball in the mini tennis court if using a size, which is too big for the court size.

If measuring by the height of your child, stand the racket next to the player. The player should be able to reach the butt of the racket with their fingertips whist standing up naturally. If they cannot reach it whilst standing up naturally, then get a bigger size. If their arm is bent whilst touching the racket, then the racket is too big for them, so get a smaller size.

If you are still unsure, MF Tennis are happy to advise further.





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