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Tennis elbow causes and solutions

Tennis Elbow – causes and solutions!

Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain in the tendons of your elbow. You may also feel the pain in the wrist too or instead of.

Racket weight:

Players commonly make the mistake of buying rackets too light in weight to battle against Tennis elbow. This is often a cause of Tennis elbow. Imagine a car crashing into a lorry head on. Which will win the collision? The lorry! This is due to it being the heavier weight. The Tennis ball is a heavy weight, so when colliding with a light racket, the player has to squeeze tighter to allow the racket to win the collision. You may even feel your racket twist and wobble on contact. The tighter you squeeze, the more tension you are putting on the elbow. A heavier racket will actually win the collision with less tension in the arm.  Now the harder the ball is hit at you, then the heavier the ball is, so if you are a beginner, playing other beginners who do not hit the ball very hard, then a light racket may suit you, but if you play players who are capable of hitting with more pace, then a heavier racket will help.

Grip size:

Players commonly make the mistake of using a grip size that is too large. Imagine swinging a tree branch. You have to squeeze very tight to hold onto it. The same goes for a large grip on a racket. You have to squeeze hard to hold onto it when hitting the ball, so increasing the tension in the arm. Always better to buy a smaller grip, and build it up if needed. You cannot make a large grip smaller but you can make a small grip bigger.

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Players often make the mistake of having high-tension strings. Low-tension strings absorb the collision better, and have a trampoline effect, giving more power with less effort. To reduce tennis elbow, consider having a lower tension in the strings. Low tension gives more power, but less control, and higher tensions give more control and less power. Also avoid using Kevlar and polyester strings. They are very durable, and so not good for the arm. Consider having a softer string such as a nylon or multifilament. Yes they may break a little faster, but they actually hold their tension for longer, and the odd string break is better than being out of the game due to too much pain. Talk to Matt for recommendations on stringing.


Tennis elbow can be caused by bad technique. Why not book a lesson, so the coach can show you how to solve this issue to help improve your Tennis elbow.

Self help:

You can do various stretches and massage techniques to help with Tennis elbow. Rest just won’t cut it I am afraid. After rest, it may feel better, but as soon as you hit a ball, it can flare up straight away. Talk to Matt and he can show you some great stretches and techniques to help.

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